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What type of driver will you become?

There is a reason why our pupils pass the test and others do not

5 reasons people fail the test

  1. Insufficient knowledge of the driving test marking sheet
  2. Insufficient knowledge on how to match correct vehicle control with technical awareness and observation
  3. Not knowing the 4 separate parts to the driving test
  4. Not knowing what the tester would like to see on the test because of poor preparation
  5. Insufficient ability to show a level of consistency on the test to prove to the tester that you should hold a full license

Over the years we have identified 3 different types of pupil and how they approach their driving lessons and test...what type are you? Find more here...

RSA Driving Lesson Pricing

You won't find our prices hidden

Before you buy your lessons, Please go to our review section and see what our recently passed pupils have to say about the RSA Driving School. We have all of our pupils contact details and have their consent to pass them on to anyone that wishes to speak to them about our services. We dont make up our own reviews as you can see!!!!!


This is our most popular pre test package because it has it all. You won't find a more comprehensive pre test package out there. Don't take the risk...Give yourself the best chance you can.

Hire of The RSA School Car Plus A Two Hour Pre-Test Lesson Including:

  • 50 minute instructional lesson
  • Best Pre test Driving Lesson Package in Ireland10 minute driving demonstration as to how the tester would actually like you to drive on the test
  • 25 minute exact RSA mock test including how the tester will actually speak to you, how and why he would mark you, the routes he will bring you on, the questions he will ask you, an insight into how he sees things and how he would like you to execute the manouvres.
  • 10 minute Mock test faults explained
  • 15 minute remedial lesson correcting habits and faults
  • 10 minute recap/discussion/tips/bonnet checks/test questions

Cost: €200


Pre test Packages

Driving Lesson Pricing Ireland

We have a range of pre test packages to suit all levels.

Option 1

Hire of our RSA school car plus 1 hour lesson beforehand

Cost: €125


Option 2

Hire of our RSA school car plus 1.5 hour lesson beforehand including:

Everyone is passing first time
  • 45 minute instructional lesson and fault analysis
  • 20 minute pretest
  • 15 minute remedial lesson on fault analysis and pretest
  • 10minute recap
  • Test questions/bonnet checks

Cost: €155


Option 3 is the most popular choice and a crucial factor of why our pupils are all passing their test. It's the ultimate pre test package and as close to the real test as you can get. The RSA driving school will only hire their car to those who have reached test standard.
Note that the RSA driving school have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy and lessons are always payable in advance.